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Some clients choose to tackle multiple projects at one time. Approaching projects this way can limit the number of times that your house has to be in disarray during renovations. Our client wanted to renovate their kitchen and deck. Situated on a beautiful plot of land in the county, a large deck on this home just made sense. While tackling this project, our client wanted to simultaneously renovate the kitchen as well. These projects married together perfectly because we were able to get the bulk of the kitchen project completed, then start on the deck as we were waiting for the tops to be templated and installed.  The kitchen turned out beautifully! Even without the tops installed, the beauty of our client’s cabinet selection shone through. Now that we completed the first part of the kitchen, it was on to the deck portion of the project. We added lighting to the risers at the steps to provide some ambient lighting to the space as well. Now that we completed the deck, out client wanted a pergola installed over their hot tub in order to utilize it during inclement weather. What a difference!!! After tying up the loose ends outside, we moved back into the kitchen to put in the final touches. The project was finally complete, and our clients loved it! It was exciting watching the transformation and sharing the experience with the home owners. What project do you have coming up? Want to tackle a couple at a time to get them scratched off of the to do list? Give A+ Home Improvements a call to get your project started today!  

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