Nail Spa Renovation

Alright everybody, get ready for a cool project!! We had the pleasure of renovating the Jonathon Koi Nail Spa over on Central Ave, and the transformation was AWESOME! While the old space was nice, the owners wanted to breathe some new, fresh life into the salon with a nail spa renovation. Flooring needed updating, as well as the walls and light fixtures. Fortunately, the owners already had a great idea of what they wanted the finished space to look like. We helped track down some of the final selections, and went to work putting together a masterpiece!

Old flooring had to go!

The existing spa had glued down vinyl throughout the unit. While the vinyl had served well, it was definitely time for an update. We installed a rectangular porcelain tile with an easy to clean surface and sealer-infused grout. The most difficult part of the process was removing all of the adhesive from the old floor. With the help of a grinder, we achieved the proper substrate to accommodate our new tile. With the tile down, we turned our attention to the brick veneer.

Retro Brick

Our client desired a certain look for their refurbished spa. They selected a Retro-Brick brick veneer to cover the walls behind the seating stations. To further add a pop of color, we accented the darker brick with white grout and purposefully did it a little “messy” to give a white-washed feel. We even installed it at the wall directly behind the service desk to catch the eye of clients when they first walk in. To accent the project and brighten the space, we installed beautiful, crystal laden pendant lights above each station.  The last touch was installing a gorgeous chandelier over the welcome desk that created a luxurious vibe. The results were perfect, and we look forward to the owner and clients enjoying the space for years to come.

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