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Adding a door allows you to access your new deck or back yard easily. Installing a new deck and need a great way to access it?  A patio door provides a large access point to your home. 

Addressing the problem.

Our client had recently purchased their home, and one of the largest draw backs became the lack of a quality access point for their dogs to use the back yard. The property provided plenty of room for their animals to roam around, but no good way to utilize it. We removed the existing window on the rear of the home and created a spot for a new door.

These kind of installs typically include a number of moving parts, especially when it involves a load bearing wall like this one. Our client lucked out because the window was already frame to the specifications needed for the new door.  After moving an outlet and modifying some duct work, we opened up the wall and proceeded to install the new door. A little siding work, trim work and drywall work later, and the project was wrapped up successfully.

Every home contains things that inconvenience our everyday life. The beauty with remodeling is that you can sculpt your home to fit your needs, and you are typically limited only by your imagination. Have a project that is a little outside of the ordinary? Give A+ a call to get your project started today!


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