Simple shower upgrade

simple shower upgrade

Hello to all of our A+ fans! We are tackling another project this week. As you follow our posts, the transformations tend to be fairly drastic. This is, however, not always the case. Sometimes our client’s homes just need a little love to make them more functional. This project provided the perfect example. As our client began thinking about the future, they realized that a walk in shower would help tremendously. So for this project, we just needed to install a simple shower upgrade.

At first appearance, this just looks like a simple shower upgrade. That assessment would be correct, yet it made a big difference for our client. This new unit provided much easier access for our client with its low entry curb. We also installed a fold up shower seat to create a more enjoyable showering experience. Not all renovations need to be elaborate and world changing. In reality, most home renovations are designed around the idea of creating a more functional living environment for the home owner. Quality of life is extremely important, and any small steps you can take towards improving that can not be understated. What projects do you have coming up? Give A+ Home Improvements a call to help with your project today!

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