Contrasting kitchen cabinets

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A popular trend lately has been kitchen renovations with contrasting kitchen cabinets. The color schemes vary based on a customer’s taste, but they look amazing! This client chose to go the more traditional black and white color scheme. The white cabinets with the castled corner cabinet look fantastic. The black island offers a different look to the kitchen space, and it stands out like an accent piece. This kitchen is far from complete, but we wanted to showcase the stark difference in color.

Homeowner’s taste definitely vary from one person to another. Contrasting kitchen cabinets offer a chance to let your creativity shine through, and add another dimension to your kitchen renovation. The options are practically endless, so creating your perfect kitchen can be attained fairly easily. Our designers work hand in hand with you to turn your dream into a reality, and they strive to meet your vision – not their own. Join us on the path to your new kitchen. Give A+ a call to get your project started today!!

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