Corner shower

We cringe every time we hear of a client that has been cheated by a previous “contractor.” While there are many good handymen and small companies out there, going with an established company often saves you many headaches. You can definitely save money be rolling the dice, but how much is your time and sanity worth? Our client hired an individual to install a corner shower, and they cut every corner imaginable.

The unit consisted of a pan and stud mount surround, which doesn’t need siliconed to the shower pan. This provides a clean appearance while also avoiding the dreaded re-siliconing of a surround that home owners hate. However, the installation was bad enough that water constantly leaked out of the enclosure. To remedy this, the original installer came back multiple times to just add layer after layer of silicone. This resulted in not only an eye sore, but also a faulty end product.

Original Installation:

What a mess!! We ripped out the old unit and installed a sleek, neo angle shower enclosure that looked stunning! While we were at it, we installed a new vinyl plank floor that changed the whole look of the bathroom. Now our client has a bathroom that they can enjoy for the long haul. The cost to have us install the unit was higher than the original installer, but we left the home owner with worry free confidence.

New shower:

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