Kitchen Redo

kitchen redo

A “kitchen redo” brings your home to life! Better yet, it infuses a much needed shot of joy into our client’s lives as well. This project started because of a leak from the dishwasher that went unnoticed for quite some time and once the leak was recognized, the damage had already been done. Not all remodeling projects are planned, but our job is to step in and help make the process as smooth as possible. The positive side affect from a situation like this is the fact that our client was able to get the kitchen of their dreams as a result.

Making lemonade out of lemons!


Working with a designer can make a huge difference. The designers that we use work tirelessly to bring your thoughts to fruition. Our client elected to install an accent island to be the focal point of their new kitchen space. Due to the amount of utilities in the soffit, the client elected to keep them in place. When planning your kitchen remodel, be sure to go over all scenarios before starting – this can save you a lot of headache through the process. The lighting above the island was adequate, but dated, so new pendant lights were dropped over the island to bring a new feel to the kitchen. The tile splash was chosen to pull all of the colors of the room together, and it worked out perfectly! Throw in the new floor, and this space is ready to serve our client’s needs for years to come.

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