Modern Master Bathroom

modern master bathroom

Hey Everybody! A+ is back at it again – tackling another project! Our next client enjoyed the luxury of having a large master bathroom, but they desperately wanted to update the space to a modern master bathroom. While large, the existing space still felt boxed in. The natural flow of this master bathroom needed to be modernized. The key focal point of this new space required a beautiful tiled shower. Our client opted for a large format tile that had a look and feel all of its own. To accommodate the new layout, we proceeded to delete the existing shower space and roman tub. We removed all of the fixtures and flooring from the space and revved up for the renovation. Let’s take a quick look at what we started with:

As you can see, the bathroom provided ample room to create a masterpiece. We framed the wall of the shower down from the ceiling to allow a little light to peek in from the window next to the shower. The custom tiled shower enclosure stood our perfectly from the new surroundings. Another cool feature that our client wanted was a black free standing tub. We placed it in the perfect spot under a window, and installed shut off valves under the new vanity for ease of access. The client decided to delete the old bidet and provide more room and storage in its place. Once the tile flooring was installed and the fixtures were buttoned up, we stepped back to take a look at the results – AWESOME!

Modern master bathroom:

One of the coolest features of this bathroom was the absolutely beautiful curb-less shower!! Our crews performed a fantastic job over here, and our client loved the results! Do you need a bathroom renovated? We would love to help you with your next renovation project. Give us a call to get a design going, and see what the A+ difference can do for you!

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