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One of the most common projects undertaken in anyone’s home revolves around the bathroom. When the topic of a dated bathroom comes up in conversation, everyone has their own vivid picture that comes to mind. Dated pink, blue and tan tiles are an extremely common theme of an outdated bathroom. When paired with a fading cast tub and hideous wallpaper, these features leave a bathroom crying for help. A+ Home Improvements relishes these opportunities to provide our clients with the bathroom of their dreams!! While renovations such as this come in all sizes, we aim to fit your budget and style!

soaking tub

Bathroom overhaul

A bathroom overhaul often consists of moving utilities and totally reinventing the space. In this instance, however, our client already liked the layout of the bathroom. The goal entailed updating the space since it had been untouched for decades. We went to work picking products that would achieve that goal

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walk in shower

Walk in shower

A simple walk in shower creates an easier way to access the enclosure without having to step over a tub. While we recommend having at least one tub in the home for resale value purposes, a master bathroom remains a perfect spot for your walk in shower.  This project was pretty straight

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tiled shower

Tiled shower enclosure

A tiled shower enclosure provides a beautiful addition to your bathroom. Tile style, size and color are important choices that a homeowner gets to choose in order to add their personal flavor to the shower enclosure. This client wanted a simple, clean looking space where grout lines were virtually invisible.

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tiled shower

White tiled shower

Tiled shower and tub surround come in a myriad of shapes, colors and sizes. While you can chose a wide variety of designs, a white tiled shower remains a classic look. Our client wanted the look of white subway tile, but wanted to add their own touch. The textured tile

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Basement Bathroom

A basement bathroom typically allows the space to be better utilized. While sometimes difficult to add, adding a bathroom makes a huge difference. Depending on where the drain lines are ran, there are a couple of options when brainstorming the location of your new space. Cutting into the concrete and

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master bath

Master Bath Makeover

A master bath makeover can really change the look of your space. This bathroom started with a garden tub that remain unused for years, so the tub was deleted to make room for a larger shower. The shower system chosen by our client was Onyx, and you can tell by

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