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One of the most common projects undertaken in anyone’s home revolves around the bathroom. When the topic of a dated bathroom comes up in conversation, everyone has their own vivid picture that comes to mind. Dated pink, blue and tan tiles are an extremely common theme of an outdated bathroom. When paired with a fading cast tub and hideous wallpaper, these features leave a bathroom crying for help. A+ Home Improvements relishes these opportunities to provide our clients with the bathroom of their dreams!! While renovations such as this come in all sizes, we aim to fit your budget and style!

master bath

Master Bath Makeover

A master bath makeover can really change the look of your space. This bathroom started with a garden tub that remain unused for years, so the tub was deleted to make room for a larger shower. The shower system chosen by our client was Onyx, and you can tell by

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tub replacement and tile surround

Tub Replacement

A relatively quick way to update your bathroom consists of a tub replacement. All of us have seen the old school blue tile in a dated bathroom. Our client wanted to update her bathroom to a more modern feel. Out with the old, and in with the new! During the

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complete bathroom remodel

Complete bathroom remodel

Making the change!! Wow!! What a difference! Just removing the wall paper and paint the walls with a warm, inviting color drastically changed the mood of the room. Removing the carpet definitely cleaned up the space! The new vinyl plank flooring provided a fantastic look for this bathroom. Our biggest

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Updating a bathroom

Updating a bathroom provides an opportunity to give your space a fresh start. While some bathroom renovations become quite elaborate, these pictures prove that updating a bathroom can produce brilliant results without costing a fortune. Our clients main need consisted of needing a shower that had a seat. The moulded

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New tiled shower

The shower originally stop at a half wall with glass enclosure. Since we had to use a different, closely matching tile, we decide to frame a pony wall up to create an actual shower enclosure. The bench was framed to stop at the edge of the front wall so we

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