Tub replacement

In keeping with the theme from the last couple of postings on our site, this again shows the difference a simple tub replacement can provide. Our client’s tub was original to the home. We have all seen this style – difficult to keep clean no matter how hard your try. Our client selected the tub and surround style that suited them best, and we placed them on the docket.

The client obviously did their best to keep this old unit clean, but ultimately their efforts were futile. The tub enclosure showed years of wear and needed to be replaced. The new unit provided a surface that was easy to clean and maintain, while offering ample shelving for shampoos and soaps.

The wall color in this picture didn’t change, so it is apparent how much cleaner the new white tub and surround were compared to the old unit. A simple tub replacement: not a huge change, but definitely provided a huge difference!

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