Replace a tub with a tiled shower

replace a tub with a tiled shower

Hey guys, A+ Home Improvements is back at it again! Our clients lived in a beautiful home, but the bathroom left much to be desired. While functional, the bathroom did not service our client’s needs. The main goal was to replace a tub with a tiled shower, but that wasn’t the end of the wish list. They never used the old roman tub, and the existing shower was small and cramped. Our client desired to get rid of the tub and install a tiled shower with bench seating and room to stretch. The vanity layout worked for them, so they opted to replace the counter top to spruce up the space. The old vinyl flooring needed to go, as well as updating the fixtures throughout. Once we completed design layout and product selection, we got the project on the schedule! Here is a peek at what we were dealing with:

Talk about a big waste of space! The tub sat in a corner by itself like it was in timeout, and the rest of the bathroom screamed “dated”. Lack of storage also presented a problem, so we came up with a solution for that as well. To tackle the storage issue, we deleted the existing shower enclosure and converted into a linen closet. Another obstacle in this bathroom was the lack of light. To combat this, we frame for and installed a glass block window in the new shower enclosure to allow natural light to permeate throughout the room. The bathroom transformed into an entirely different room!

What a difference!

You can barely recognize the old tub area, and the window provided the perfect touch to the new space. The vinyl plank flooring paired seamlessly with the color selection of our client, as did the new vanity top. The renovation thrilled our clients, and we enjoyed helping every step of the way! What project do you want to tackle? Do you want to replace a tub with a tiled shower? Give A+ Home Improvements a call to get your project started today!

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