Sagging Deck

sagging deck

Spring is around the corner, and your deck will soon be a gathering hot spot! People overlook their deck for large parts of the year because they typically are not used year round. So what happens when you walk out and realize that your deck is in disarray? Treated lumber remains a resilient choice for your deck, but the installation is just as important as the materials. Our client desperately needed their sagging deck repaired. They belonged to a condo association, so we had to make sure to keep the original look of the deck. To compound issues, the units had recently been sided and the installers followed the contour of the sagging deck.  After realizing that the original ledger board had failed due to improper installation, we came up with a game plan to attack the issue. The pictures show the extent of the issue.

Notice the line on the brick showing where the deck used to sit. To circumvent this problem, we installed a rim beam against the home so we could use joist hangers to support the new joists. We removed the siding, rebuilt the utility enclosure at the chimney chase, and reinstall the siding and trim. We followed up with new treated deck boards at the deck floor, as well as new hand rails to match the community theme. Our client was once again ready to enjoy their outdoor living space!

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