Small Kitchen Make Over

small kitchen make over

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. While we have worked in tight spaces before, this project took that term to a whole new level! Our client desired a more attractive kitchen space, but understood that we faced some obstacles due to the size of the room. We wanted to include a dishwasher, so we installed a special sink and sink base cabinet that allowed us to squeeze one in. There is typically always a way to make things work as long as there is a good game plan and some common sense understanding from all parties involved. Time for a small kitchen make over!


Our designer did a fantastic job fitting all the pieces into the layout. To make the most of the limited space, pull out spice racks were utilized where wider cabinets would not fit. We updated the tile flooring while we were at it as well. Adding in some subway tile helped pull it all together.  While the space is on the smaller size, the final result was grand! Our client also added a red wall to help brighten the space up.

If you think your space is too small to fit your needs, it is time to start thinking outside the box. You are only limited by your imagination – give A+ Home Improvements a call to get your project started today!

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