Deck staining

Deck staining

While we may be in the middle of winter, it is hard not to get excited about the spring to come. Growing grass, blooming flowers – spring just feels like a completely fresh start. Additionally, this often means a fresh start for your home projects as well. Everyone gets, and loathes, the phrase “spring cleaning.” This time of year typically represents not only a fresh start for nature, but also for our homes and personal lives. So as you stare out your back door at the beauty of nature starting to unfold, don’t put blinders on when it comes to the condition of your deck. A deck provides a gathering spot for family and friends to share time together. A deck in poor condition, however, can be an eyesore and potential hazard. If maintained, a deck can withstand many seasons of summer fun. Sometimes you just need a deck staining.

Routinely inspecting your deck for rot and decay remains an imperative step in deck maintenance. Simultaneously, deck staining and treatment is equally important.

Best application for deck staining:

A newly constructed deck provides an empty canvas to work with. You can apply a toner or semi-transparent stain, or let the natural beauty of the wood show through with a clear water sealer. An older, weathered deck, however, typically requires something along the lines of a solid color stain. A solid color stain prohibits fading and sun spots from showing through the finished surface. Fortunately, this stain comes in a nearly limitless array of colors to match any décor. Don’t ignore your deck – give A+ Home Improvements a call to breathe life back into your hang-out spot. From deck repair to deck staining, we are here to give you a hand. We look forward to helping you bring your back yard to life!

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